Reviews in Riverton and Sandy, UT

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Eric Sholtis

September 1695350353

If you like being treated fare and taken care of this is the place for you! Manny Lopez is always awesome at getting you in and working with you. The technicians do a great job and they warranty their work and I mean they stick by what they say when it comes to the warranty!! These guys are honest and up front about what they find and do a complete inspection of your vehicle prior to service and provide pictures of everything too. Great value for the money and excellent service as always!!… Read More

Kierstin Olson

September 1695328856

Amazing Service by these gentlemen. My car had an issue with the front dust cover that protects under the bumper. It came off on bangerter after hitting a bird. I limped into McNeil’s and they were so wonderful. They immediately got it in a bay (even though I’m sure they had tons of appointments), unscrewed the piece for me, put it in my car so I could drive to the dealership, AND – they did it at no charge. They definitely have a new customer. Any business that would go out of there way to hRead More

Skylar Geren

September 1694643752

Seth was fantastic to work with. He was very detail oriented, made sure that I felt comfortable with my car’s condition, and was able to answer all of my questions. It’s nice to have good people to work with. Definitely will be going back again!

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Beckie Vance

September 1694623385

John is fantastic! I heard a terrible noise from under my car, it has been there for a bit. Sometimes it comes and goes. They checked and rechecked. Then we drove it and still heard nothing. They said to bring it back if it returns. I asked what I owe for the diagnostic and they said $0!! Who does that? Thank you for your integrity and honesty.

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shaylie manzanares

September 1694362851

If you are looking for a trusted mechanic who thoroughly checks your vehicle , keeps you informed during the whole process (they include photos of the parts that need work done and prices/detailed explanations attached to each one—they also give you the opportunity to select which ones you’d like them to do as well as ensure they get your approval prior to moving forward) and has great communication—look no further! These guys helped me out with a very sentimental vehicle of mine and goRead More